Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs: 4 Things You Should Do

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You may not have known bed bugs were real until you ended up with them in your own home. It is often challenging to pinpoint exactly where they came from because they latch on to all different kinds of things, including suitcases and clothing. If you recently went on a vacation, there is a good chance you brought some of these bugs back with you. Taking action as quickly as you can is important when dealing with these bugs because they spread quickly and can cause major discomfort.

1. Identify the Nesting Spots

You may want to start by finding the nesting spots. In most cases, the bed bugs will hang out near your mattress, bed frame or even on your sofa. However, they may also find spots beneath the carpet where they can hang out and hide until they are ready to feast on the blood of someone who is in the home at that time. Check your mattress for both red and black spots. During the process of checking, you may see some of these pests clinging to the folds of the mattress.

2. Go Through Your Belongings

It is a good idea to go through your belongings when dealing with a bed bug infestation. Because they reproduce quite rapidly, you could have many of them hiding out in cardboard boxes or behind large picture frames without even knowing it. Check all of your belongings and begin cleaning things out. You should remove toys from toy boxes and take clothes out of the dresser drawers to check if there are any signs of the bed bugs inside of those items.

All of your clothes will need to get washed. If any of these pests are lingering around on your pants, shirts, or even your jackets, the hot cycle in the washing machine would kill them. If you have stuffed animals in the home, they will need to be thrown into the washing machine as well. The best rule of thumb is to wash everything and anything that can physically be washed.

3. Move Your Bed and Use Interceptors

If your bed is against the wall, consider placing it in the middle of the room. Bed bugs can climb right up walls, and that means they could get to you a bit easier. If they are unable to climb on your bed to feed, you will not have to worry about getting bit during the process of getting rid of them, especially since it often takes more than one treatment to completely remove them from a home. You can also place interceptors on the legs of your bed frame. The bugs will get stuck to the interceptors and die.

4. Hire an Exterminator for the Eradication Process

Even though interceptors work well to keep the bugs from getting to you at night, it is still necessary to go through with a treatment. Some bed bugs survive a long time without eating, so you cannot just block them off and hope they go away on their own. The exterminator can talk to you about some of the best ways to treat bed bugs, including heat treatments and insecticides.

Bed bugs are a huge annoyance. Once you realize you have them, you may start to have trouble sleeping because you feel like they are biting you or crawling on you. However, these are a few of the things you can do to remove these pests and get sleep again. Contact a company like Environmental Services Pest Control to get started.